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There are many online incorporation options available to help you form your limited liability business. It is up to you to decide which one. This guide will discuss the 5 best online incorporation services, including entrepreneur favorites, to help you choose which one to use for your legal needs.

5 Leading Online Incorporation Services


Northwest Registered Agent


Inc Authority

Rocket Lawyer

An online incorporation service can assist you in registering your business. You can incorporate your business by either forming an LLC, C corporation, or S corporation.

This creates a legal entity that you can conduct business as. It increases the credibility of the business with potential customers and employees. A business owner is responsible for any losses or debts that the business incurs.

We evaluated the top online incorporation services and determined which ones offer the most value for money. We considered the following criteria:

Price, Easy To Use, Time to File, Educational Resources, Customer Service, and Online Reviews.

#1 ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is the best online incorporation service. ZenBusiness offers a worry-free guarantee that includes two amendments to annual corporate reports. The interface is simple to use, and the customer service is excellent.


ZenBusiness has many attractive features, including a simple and intuitive user interface and excellent customer service.

ZenBusiness is a business incorporation company that focuses primarily on ZenBusiness. They offer very few other business forms.

ZenBusiness is different from other business incorporation companies because of its worry-free guarantee and the ability to amend annual filings up to twice.


ZenBusiness offers three pricing plans to suit different types of business. Starter Plan: Starting at $49 per year, the Starter plan includes a registered agent, standard filing service, and an operating agreement template.

The annual fee will be $129 after the first year. The Pro plan costs $249 annually and includes additional features like expedited filing, an Employee ID number, Banking Resolution Template, as well as guaranteeing that your corporation is re-registered every year.

Premium plans are available for $349 per annum and include a website, domain name, and email. ZenBusiness offers customized plans for business owners interested in a particular service starting at $49 plus any state fees.

Easy of Use

ZenBusiness’s online services for business formation are one of our most user-friendly options. Customers can easily understand the services and plans provided by ZenBusiness and create their own plans.

Time to File

ZenBusiness claims that it takes between two and three weeks to start a business. It takes five to eight business days to set up a Pro plan, while their Pro plan takes about two to four business days.

Educational Resources

ZenBusiness offers blog articles and how-to articles for every state. ZenBusiness has published articles on LLCs and their costs.

A concise website explains the steps and costs of registering a company in each state. ZenBusiness is the best online business incorporation service. Its guides are concise and clear.

Customer Services

ZenBusiness can handle customer complaints and inquiries via phone from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 7 pm. There is also a live chat option available for those who prefer to text.

Customers can also fill out an online form and receive a response via email to any questions.

Online Reviews

ZenBusiness is rated the highest by online reviews compared to other online business incorporation companies. ZenBusiness customer service representatives respond to negative reviews to resolve the issue.

#2 Northwest Registered Agent

Incorporation + One-Year Registered Agent Services

$225. + State Fee

Northwest Registered Agent offers an assortment of business services to help your company find the best path forward. You’ll find a variety of how-to guides, free legal forms, and various documents available to help you get your business off of the ground.

Then you can begin to develop the operating principles that will drive your new organization forward.

Texas Incorporation Example. Pay For The Whole Year or Choose VIP Monthly Payments


Texas Incorporation + Registered Agent Service + State fee = $545

Northwest Registered Agent Incorporation Price For Texas



You can obtain a registered agent in any U.S. jurisdiction through Northwest Registered Agent, allowing you to file for a new LLC or corporation in all 50 states.

You can find free LLC operating agreement examples, instructions on filing an annual report, or even tackling different tasks like reinstating a corporation.

Texas Incorporation + Registered Agent Service + State fee = $54/mo

Northwest incorporation price Texas

Every service comes with an enhanced level of privacy because this provider lists their address on your formation documents.

That means your personal details are kept private and not broadcast to the public. You won’t get the run-around from them either. When you need help or advice, it is a candid conversation that you receive.

If you are ready to get your business started right now without the worries of data security or an inaccurate file looming overhead, then Northwest Registered Agent can help your company to hit the ground running. You can download many of their templates without even registering for an account.

Northwest puts much emphasis on excellent customer service. They say, “You should always be able to talk to us, on the phone, email, contact forms, etc. We are continually focusing on great customer service.”


#3 Incfile

IncFile is second due to its low fees and quick incorporation services. IncFile charges no registration fees compared to other business incorporation service providers.


IncFile’s quality educational resources are one of its most attractive features. They can be used to help even the smallest businesses. The incorporation process is simple. You can view the status of your order from the dashboard after you sign up as a client.


IncFile offers three options. The Silver package includes basic incorporating services and a registered agent for no additional charge (plus any state taxes). The Gold package, which costs $149, includes additional services such as an Employee ID Number and several forms for business support.

The Platinum package costs $299 and includes business contract templates, expedited filing, and email, as well as website domain names and business email.

Easy To Use

The process of incorporating your business with IncFile is straightforward. The interface is well-organized and easy to understand for product descriptions. You can also add or remove products, such as buying an EIN. IncFile gives you a dashboard that allows you to see the status of your order once a product has been purchased.

Time to File

IncFile takes 15 business days to file an online incorporation service. This is standard. IncFile also offers a convenient tool that estimates the date of your business formation. IncFile offers expedited business filing at a $150 additional charge. This allows you to submit your documents in as little as two days.

Educational Resources

IncFile offers the most comprehensive online education on incorporation compared to other online services. They provide information about entity registration for each state, including important dates and prices, to make your business incorporation easier.

Customer Service

With the number you provided during incorporation, you can contact IncFile’s customer support. Customer service is available from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. To address any concerns, you can also send a request for client support.

Online Reviews

There are mixed reviews online about IncFile. The ease of use of IncFile’s website and the speed of business registration were the main points of positive reviews. However, negative reviews focused on poor customer service that took too long to reply to customers’ queries.

#4 Inc Authority

Business filing services start at $0.00 + state fee. Inc Authority has very positive customer reviews online with a combined Trustpilot score of “Excellent.”

Free Formation Package: $0.00 + state fee. Business name search, document preparation & filing, 1-year registered agent service, and more included.

You can order the packages directly through Inc Authority’s business startup experts. These are the formation packages:

Starter Package

$399 + State Filing fee

The most affordable package, the starter package, provides everything needed to create LLCs or corporations. These services include:

  • Verify the availability of your business name
  • Articles filed by the Custom State
  • Completion of Operating Agreement and Bylaws
  • Minutes of the Initial Meeting & Resolutions
  • Record Book & Company Seal
  • IRS Tax ID Number
  • Ownership certificates
  • Evaluation of Business Credit & Funding
  • Tax Consultation
  • One-year Inc Protection Advisor

These services will help you get started. Many people consider this the best place to start their business venture. They also offer two additional packages, which provide additional services for those who need them.

Executive Package

$499 + State Filing fee

The Executive package includes everything in the Starter bundle but adds the following:

  • Report on Business License
  • Domain Name

These services allow you to create your website right away and get a report on the business license once it is complete.

Tycoon Package

$799 + State Filing fee

Inc Authority’s Tycoon package offers the most comprehensive of all its services. This bundle includes all the services offered by the Executive and Starter packages, plus the following:

  • Express Processing
  • BizCredit Express
  • Business credit coach
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System
  • LaunchPad for Business Credit
  • D&B Credit Bureau Registration

Tycoon is primarily for people who start their own companies, but it could also apply to your needs.

They will answer your call and offer guidance based upon the information you provide to ensure that the package is right for you.

Inc Authority provides the best services to help you succeed in your business, whether you’re just starting an established business.

One-on-One Guidance & Support

They guarantee top-quality service from beginning to end. Inc Authority’s experienced staff will guide you to make informed decisions.

Inc Authority and the customer both win when they work with Inc Authority. They want you to be successful in establishing your LLC or corporation and want you to remain a loyal customer.

This is why they offer a free business formation service. Inc Authority can provide long-term registration agent services to their customers or additional LLC formations if required.

Customer Service

They know that customer service is the defining characteristic of how they serve you. Without their commitment to providing excellent customer service, Inc Authority wouldn’t have so many Trustpilot reviews.

We will always be there to help you when you need us. They offer multiple contact options so that you can reach one of their representatives quickly.

Inc Authority is here to help you with all your billing questions.


#5 Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is next. It is similar to IncFile but offers more extensive legal services. Rocket Lawyer employs attorneys so they can answer your legal questions. Sign up for Rocket Lawyer’s legal assistance to receive a free business incorporation service.


Rocket Lawyer offers a unique and distinct service that other online business incorporation companies do not offer. This is due to the monthly membership program they offer, which includes attorney services. Rocket Lawyer attorneys can be reached at any stage of the incorporation process by calling or messaging them. Rocket Lawyer provides articles that can be used to assist small business owners, such as how to apply for an EIN online.


Rocket Lawyer doesn’t offer a plan like other business incorporation services. This explains why they charge $99 plus any state fees to incorporate your company. An additional $260 can be paid for expedited filing. A registered agent fee of $150 is also available.

Rocket Lawyer offers free business incorporation when you sign up for their monthly membership, which costs $39.99 per month. Unlimited legal documents can be customized, and unlimited consultations are included in the monthly membership.

Easy To Use

Rocket Lawyer’s website made it easy to register a new company. Although the interface is a bit out of date, we could submit documents without any problems.

Time to File

Business filings can take up to 15 to 20 business days for the $99 standard, which is slightly longer than other competitors. With an extra $260, business documents can be filed in a hurry and filed in 2 to 3 days.

Educational Resources

Rocket lawyer links open boxes for every decision needed during the business incorporation process. Rocket Lawyer will show you the percentage of customers who decided ownership and management. ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent do not offer this service, but LegalZoom or incFile are competitors.

Customer Service

Rocket Lawyer offers a phone number that you can dial to reach a customer service representative during the business incorporation process. This number is available every weekday from 6 am to 6 pm. Rocket Lawyer can also be reached via live chat during the above hours. If you have any questions that are not answered by these hours, Rocket Lawyer can be reached via email.

Online Reviews

Rocket Lawyer has received positive reviews. Users commented that it was easy to register a company, and the process was pleasant. Others complimented the customer service.

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