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Top 5 Business Checks

  1. ✅ CheckAdvantage (Editor’s Choice 2021!)
  2. ✅ Checks Unlimited
  3. ✅ Carousel Checks
  4. ✅ Deluxe Checks
  5. ✅ Walmart Checks

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 1


Prices For Personal & Business Manual Checks 

Personal Checks Business Checks Security Bus. Checks
Deluxe 100/$56.99 250/$106.99 250/$128.99
Checks Unlimited  100/$22.99 300/$77.81 300/$95.78
Carousel Checks 300/$13.88 300/$45.99 300/$39.99
CheckAdvantage 300/$30.40 300/$66.85 300/$66.85
Walmart Checks 300/$18.92 300/$36.96 300/$86.91

Business Checks = 3 Per page
Prices include duplicates
Quality among the 5 brands varies
Shipping prices per brand varies
Prices subject to change

5 Best Places To Order Checks Online


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#3 Carousel Checks
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What Is The Best Online Check Service For Your Business?

Many people dream of running their own business, but in reality, keeping business expenses under control can turn the dream into a nightmare. Every time you write a check, you are served with a reminder of the cost of doing business. For the canny business person, however, writing a check is the chance to save money.

How? you may ask. Well, these savvy entrepreneurs have discovered that ordering checks from online providers mean that they can cut down on costs while maintaining security and quality of service. The savings can be in the region of 30-50% compared to a conventional bank, which is considerable in anyone’s situation.

Financial savings are not the only benefit either. Online providers also offer various bonus features to entice new customers. Surveying the different options for check-printing is a vital aspect to consider before ordering checks online. There are savings to be had in this too.

Features of Online Check Ordering Services


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Types of Checks & Available Add-ons

Knowing which type of check you need is an essential step in deciding which check-ordering service you require. Business checks are available in several types:

Laser Checks

These are software-compatible checks that you can fill out using your computer and then print. Make sure that you choose a provider whose laser checks are compatible with your accounting software (Quicken or QuickBooks, for example).

Handwritten Manual Checks

As the name suggests, these checks are filled out manually with a pen. Manual checks are available in several formats: compact, or three-to-a-page, for example.

Payroll Checks

Payroll checks are explicitly used for paying salaries to employees. These checks can be ordered in laser or manual formats. Payroll checks have boxes preprinted to input federal, state, and local tax deductions.

Enhanced Security Checks

All business checks have a certain degree of security from fraud, but enhanced security checks have additional security measures. These measures include:

  • Anti-copy technology.
  • Chemical-sensitive paper
  • Heat sensitive ink.
  • Invisible fluorescent fibers.
  • Watermarks.

You can get enhanced security checks with various tracing options, such as duplicate copies or side stubs. When selecting your service, check whether they offer many accessories such as binders, stamps, etc. You might even be able to get yourself a good deal on customization with your company logo included on the checks.

Online Check Prices Can Vary

You will certainly save money if you order your checks online as opposed to from a conventional bank. However, which online check provider you choose will dictate how much money you save.

Generally speaking, it depends more on the type of check you want rather than the provider. Laser checks are more expensive than manual checks but cheaper than checks that have enhanced security measures.

When assessing which checks to opt for, you should know how many you will get and what features are included. Knowledge of these things will enable you to make a proper like-for-like comparison. It is also worth enquiring with potential suppliers whether they will give you a discount for ordering in bulk. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Every online check order is bespoke to the business that orders it. There will be unique financial and bank information on your check order, and getting this information wrong can result in your checks being void. So, you need to make sure that the supplier you are desking with has put the correct information on your checks.

You must provide the exact and correct information required in terms of name, address, account number, routing number, etc. Failure to provide accurate information will leave any error as your responsibility. However, if a fault results from the supplier’s side, you should be able to get your money back or a replacement batch of checks.

Delivery Time and Cost

As with most online purchases, the time it takes you to get your goods after payment will vary depending on your supplier. A standard order can take anything from two days to two weeks. Customized orders can add a further ten days on top of that time. So, work out when you need your checks, and work back up to four working weeks to place your order.


Whenever finances are concerned, there are always security issues to be considered. You will be handing over sensitive financial details about your business, so you want to make sure that the online check provider you are dealing with will handle that information securely.

Unless you are dealing with a company that guarantees your information will be encrypted, you should find another supplier that does. Similarly, the checks that you’ve paid for should be following the CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association) specifications for security.

If you believe that your checks will get used for particularly sensitive payments, you should opt for enhanced security checks.

Reviews of The Top 5 

In this section we will review and provide details of, what we believe, to be the top 5 best business check suppliers in the U.S. for 2021.

Checks Advantage logo

#1 CheckAdvantage Business Checks

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 2

This online business check provider concentrates on letting business owners customize their checks. They have their design options that have been produced by artists, and you can choose from over three hundred cover designs to match your checks.

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 10One thing that is lacking from CheckAdvantage’s range is a good selection of well-known character images. It may not be of much consideration to some business owners, but we thought it worth mentioning here.

CheckAdvantage offer computer checks for payroll and they are compatible with the following accounting software:

  • Great Plains
  • Microsoft Money
  • Peachtree
  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken

If you purchase your business checks from CheckAdvantage, your package will include an endorsement stamp and deposit record. For those that prefer handwritten checks, CheckAdvantage can provide these with a three-to-a-page layout with side or top tear-off stubs.

Unless you are 100% satisfied with your checks, CheckAdvantage will provide a money-back satisfaction guarantee. They are diligent in checking your product, with each order being individually inspected for correct financial and personal details.

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#2 Checks Unlimited Business Checks

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 11

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 12If security is your top priority, then Checks Unlimited is a provider worth your consideration. Their business checks include fifteen fraud-preventing features. Each one of these features meets the CPSA security standards. To remind you, the CPSA is the check industry association, and the abbreviation stands for Check Payment Systems Association.

Checks Unlimited provides Securiguard for their checks, meaning that they are defended against erasing attempts. Their checks also have holograms and microprint signatures. Special chemicals are used in the paper to highlight any tampering that occurs. Watermarks also back up the robust security of these checks, making them almost impossible to forge.

With all this focus on security, it is no wonder that Checks Unlimited has let slip the design aspects of their checks. However, if you’re more interested in physical security than how your checks look, Checks Unlimited could well be your supplier of choice.

Carousel Checks

#3 Carousel Business Checks

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 5

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 14Carousel Checks offer businesses an outstanding range of designs and formats from their checks. If Carousel is your preferred check provider, you will also benefit from ultra-fast delivery.

It is no surprise that Carousel Checks have been in operation for so long. They offer everything that your business needs, including payroll checks, accounts-payable, multi-purpose, and various types of laser checks. They also provide sub-category options such as balance sheets, duplicates, stamps, etc.

Carousel is renowned for its fast turnaround, and they can have your checks delivered to you the next working day (depending on the level of customization). Even with this speed of service, they are still well-priced, and you can save up to 80% off the standard bank check.

As far as variety goes, Carousel Checks have amongst the most wide-ranging selections of checks to choose from in terms of design. You can select your colors, background, logo, and even put your slogan on the checks.

Even the outer cover of the checkbook can be customized, so you can have something stylish and chosen from hundreds of different designs.

All business checks supplied by Carousel are in line with CPSA regulations, making them fraud-resistant and giving your peace-of-mind. Moreover, they add other features to enhance security, such as a micro-printed line that prevents copying, as well as reverse-side reproduction protection.


#4 Deluxe Business Checks


Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 6


Deluxe Corporation business checks

Deluxe can provide you with an enormous array of quality business checks, ranging from standard handwritten checks through to enhanced security checks. 

Deluxe caters to both large and small companies with packages providing 3,000 checks down to a 50-check package. Whatever the package size, you are sure to get a top-quality product backed-up with impeccable customer service.

Deluxe Business Checks websiteSome of the advantages of working with Deluxe are as follows:

  • Incredible range to select from.
  • Free samples on request.
  • High-level security features.
  • Express shipping.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

Deluxe’s popularity as a provider of checks is as high as any other supplier you’ll find. There are good reasons for them being so popular, too. Their service is fast and reliable, it has a simple online ordering platform, and it provides high-level security features.

Deluxe also offers various checks for both personal and business use. The range of business offerings is particularly wide-ranging. Their software-enabled checks have compatibility with commonly used accounting software packages such as QuickBooks and Quicken.

You can also access accounting and payroll publications via the Deluxe service. 

Deluce Corporation new website and logoIf you opt for printed checks, Deluxe can deliver them within two working days. You will also likely be impressed by their satisfaction guarantee.

As far as safety goes, Deluxe provides an incredible amount of security features that will give you peace-of-mind. These features include embedded fibers, detection of chemical alteration, heat-sensitive ink, and watermarks. They are also able to provide checks embossed with unique holograms that prevent copying even with the best printer.

Deluxe offers a host of personalization options for you too. You can choose the logo, font, monogram, or even the background color, to give your checks a unique look.

Here is a bit more detail of what Deluxe can offer you:

  • Personalization Options. Deluxe offers a fully personalized service for their checks. They will print your logo or business imprint for free if you choose to have that on your checks. You can also choose the background color and the font you like.
  • Type of Check Deluxe Offers. With numerous options to choose from on Deluxe’s ordering site, you can quickly become distracted while looking for what you need. There are three main check categories, which, to some people, may not seem like much. However, the sub-categories within are labyrinthian, and you can easily steer off track.

  • Deluxe Manual Business Checks
  • Deluxe Laser Business Checks
  • Deluxe High-Security Add-on For Manual & Laser Checks



The main three categories are listed below:

    • Deluxe Laser Checks. This type of check can be printed on a good quality laser printer. It is imperative that you first confirm that your existing accounting software is compatible with these checks. Deluxe laser checks will work with more than eighty accounting software packages. Checks within this category include accounts-payable, three-on-a-page, voucher, and wallet checks.
    • Deluxe Manual Hand Written Checks. These are basic checks on which you will fill out the details by hand with a pen. They are available as payroll checks, single, or three-on-a-page.
    • Deluxe E-Checks. This type of check is considered to be as secure as any physical check. These checks can be produced, signed, and delivered electronically from your computer or mobile device. E-checks can be integrated into accounting software such as Quicken or QuickBooks, providing you with a seamless payment system.

Should You Choose Standard or Enhanced Security Features?

With all the checks in the categories above, Deluxe offers the options of standard or enhanced security features. Whether you choose standard or enhanced security features will depend upon business and your budget. 

Of course, opting for the enhanced security features will incur additional costs. For the extra expense, you will get fraud-preventing security add-ons that are unique to Deluxe. 

The folks at Deluxe can help you decide if your business needs enhanced security features for its checks or not. They will give you a free assessment of the level of fraud risk your business faces.

Try Out a Deluxe Product Sample

If you want to physically see the Deluxe products, they offer a sample service that you can use before placing your main order. Order a sample is easy; just give Deluxe a call on 1-800-865-1913 and let their customer service representative know which type of check sample you need.


The price of Deluxe checks is challenging to give in an article such as this because every business has different circumstances. We can say that Deluxe is not as cheap as some of the other suppliers out there. They do, though, have quality products and reliable service. You can get an idea of what it might cost you from the prices below:

Deluxe Laser Checks

Deluxe laser checks can be ordered in multiples of 50, up to 2,500. The price of laser checks depends upon the type and the software you are using for your accounts. For an idea of the cost, see the sample price table below, which uses Microsoft Money as the software example.

Deluxe periodically runs sales, and they issue promotional codes that can reduce your costs. Deluxe also supports charities and produces checks that have the logo of the supported charity on them.

They also have packages with various types of checks in different quantities. The following table gives you an idea of what you’ll pay for Deluxe check packages.

Continuous Checks

This type of check is a computer check that can be used with a dot-matrix printer. The price of continuous checks depends upon the type and the software you are using for your accounts. If you are using Microsoft Money, you can get five hundred continuous checks for $280.

Manual Handwritten Checks

The most popular type of manual handwritten checks sold by Deluxe is of the three-on-a-page type. These can be purchased in packs of 250 up to 3,000. Deluxe also offers compact handwritten checks, payroll checks, and secretarial deskbooks, amongst others. The table below shows the prices of 1,000 manual handwritten checks with options for standard or enhanced security.


Deluxe is part of CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association), which is the industry association for businesses involved in check payment services. Deluxe offers standard or enhanced security features with their check packages. Details of these two options are as follows:

  • Standard Security Features. All standard security check orders undergo a proprietary screen to safeguard against fraudulent orders. Features include:
    • Protection from erasure.
    • Chemical-sensitive paper.
    • Invisible fibers.
    • Security screen.
    • Microprint borders.
    • Warning boxes
  • Enhanced Security Features. These checks include all the standard features and the following: 
    • Heat sensitive ink.
    • Anti-copy technology
    • Visible fibers.
    • Watermark.
    • Chemical wash detection.
    • Hologram

Deluxe E-Checks

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 16

E-checks are a type of check offered by Deluxe in addition to their standard checks. They are laid out the same way and look just like the standard check, but come in electronic form. Rather than posting a standard check, you can email an e-check. For more details about Deluxe e-checks, you should contact their customer service department.


Despite being considered an exclusive product, Deluxe checks are incredibly down-to-earth when it comes to using them. There is no difference in using a Deluxe check compared to a check from a traditional bank.

With manual checks, it is merely a case of receiving them and filling then out as you need them. With continuous or laser checks, you will need to make sure that your accounting software and the checks have compatibility. Deluxe supports over eighty different accounting software systems, so you should be covered, but confirm nonetheless. There will also need to be someone trained in their use, correct loading to the printer, and filling out the check.

Summary of Deluxe Online Checks

Using Deluxe as your online check provider is suitable for any business, large or small. You’ll have the peace-of-mind that you are getting quality products and reliable service. For the little extra you’ll pay compared to their competitors, you’ll also have access to an incredible range of online check options.

Visit Deluxe


Walmart Checks logo

#5 Walmart Business Checks


Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 7

Top 5 Best Places To Order Business Checks Online 18Ordering your checks from Walmart may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about this retail giant, but they are one of the most prominent players in the check sector. Big is not always beautiful, and that is certainly the case with Walmart. We found their check service to be nothing more than average.

They do offer environmentally-friendly checks, but as far as customization goes, they fail to impress. Their style and design library is not comprehensive at all.

What they do well are the eco-friendly features of Walmart’s checks. They are printed using recycled paper, and the ink is produced from soya rather than being petrol-based, so minimizing toxic refuse during production. 

Walmart’s green credentials also extend to the manufacturer of the boxes, which are from recycled paper too. If your purchase is governed by environmental impact, then Walmart checks might just be what you’re after. They won’t cost you much more either; $7.50 for a box is around the sector average.

Walmart adopts the relevant CPSA security regulations into its checks. Also, Walmart has the funds to back up any failure they make in their security procedures. So, this may provide some added peace-of-mind that you would not get from smaller players.