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Welcome to our Deluxe Corporation review. Headquartered in Shoreview, Minnesota, the Deluxe Corporation has been around for over a century and is in the business of helping other businesses succeed and grow through its marketing services and other business-oriented products.

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Before the internet, The Deluxe Corporation was known and still is known as the most significant personal and business check printer in the United States and now has since successfully diversified into many other business products and services including these

14 areas of expertise:

  • Online payroll

  • logo design

  • website development

  • website content

  • website hosting

  • email marketing

  • search engine marketing and SEO

  • social media management

  • fraud protection services

  • eChecks

  • business supplies

  • custom apparel

  • retail packaging

  • shipping supplies

  • and more

Deluxe services more than 4,900 financial institutions among 4.4 million other business customers. The Deluxe Corporation is the go-to place for managing and expanding your business through managed services such as marketing and payroll.

Deluxe Business Services in Detail

Deluxe Payroll – The Deluxe Corporation has been engaged in managed Payroll services for over 30 years. It has become a trusted name in payroll as much as it has in check printing, servicing businesses nationwide. Deluxe has payroll solutions that cater to all business types and sizes. No matter where your business is located, Deluxe has online payroll services throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Their payroll solutions are easy-to-use, easy to manage, and has comprehensive reporting, on-time, accurate, and tailored per state. Payroll can be submitted to employees through phone, fax, checks, direct deposit, Payroll Debit cards. Businesses can manage their Payroll themselves online though the Deluxe MyPayCenter online payroll solution.

Web Services – there are plenty of website solutions out there, but very few of these companies have even half of the experience offered by a business support veteran like Deluxe.

Deluxe Corp Web Services

As mentioned, Deluxe has successfully branched out and adopted the web by providing all the web services a business could need, such as web hosting, domain name registration, and management. Deluxe can also get down and dirty with a website design that’s tailored for your business as well as your budget, with the help of teams of expert web designers. Also, a problem for many website owners is the continual engagement with customers through content. Deluxe also has teams of writers that can help with content creation.

Marketing and Social Media – for businesses to be effective in general, there has to be effective marketing. Web content needs to be engaging and easily searchable within the line or niche of the business.

Deluxe offers Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services with the help of Google certified PPC experts. SEM campaigns start at 500 dollars a month, while SEO campaigns are at 400 dollars a month. Deluxe is also engaged in marketing through email campaigns as well as through social media posts, which starts at 300 dollars a month.

These are essential and affordable packages for businesses that need to concentrate on running and have no time to perform actual marketing.

Deluxe Corporation employees

Business Services – Aside from payroll, Deluxe is engaged in other business services such as logo design, business forms, and check printing and services. Deluxe is known for its secure personal and business check printing and services used by over 4,900 financial institutions.

Keep your transactions secure by subscribing to Deluxe check services, which include laser business checks, manual business checks, high-security business checks, and fast and secure eChecks. Deluxe checks are highly-customized to add your company’s logo, which can also be designed by Deluxe itself. Deluxe’s anti-fraud expertise is incorporated in its highly-secure checks with features such as heat reactive ink, chemical wash-detection, and anti-copy technology.

Deluxe Corporation eChecks

eChecks meanwhile provide a fast, easy, and efficient way for your company to manage account payables. eChecks allow for:

  • easy integration to existing accounting software

  • fast payment delivery to vendors and providers

  • easy-to-learn and adopt the digital solution with minimal process change

Deluxe is also engaged in business form designs tailored to fit your business. These forms include business proposals, tax forms, contracts, healthcare, invoices, purchase orders, shipping, sales, and more.

Deluxe also designs logos for your business that can immensely help with your businesses’ identity. You can create your logo yourself with Deluxe’s logo maker tool or have a team of experts from Deluxe design one for you within five days. Revisions are free until results are satisfactory.

Deluxe Corp new logo

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