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Deluxe Websites: Do-It-For-Me DIFM & DIY Options

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Review Of Deluxe Website Design Services 

  • Is your business website 5+ years old?
  • With a 10+ year old theme from 2010 and needs a professional appearance?
  • Or are you starting a new business and need to get a nice website up fast, without a huge expense?

Deluxe Can Fix That With A New Design!

As you know, everyone with a business needs a website or at least a Facebook Page. Facebook may be nice, but having full control over your website still counts, with Facebook and the rest of social media having the job of pushing traffic.

Having an attractive website gives your business its own identity, that you’re not beholden to any major media giant. Your own website can make your small business bigger than it seems, and with the website’s help, the business will eventually grow. The caveat is that not everyone has the technical aptitude and aesthetic qualities nor the eloquence to convey messages. Most business owners know that things need to get done, and a website needs to get built…somehow.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways now for people and business owners to start a website. One of those ways is through the Deluxe Corporation’s Website Design Services. Through Deluxe, you can build your business from the ground up, enhance your business, and have a website set up during the process.

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Why Deluxe?

Deluxe is a trusted name in business that’s been around for over a century. Has decades of experience in check security and over a decade of experience in payroll and HR management and other managed services. Deluxe has successfully diversified and adopted the internet and its business aspects with services that include:

  • email marketing – email marketing and spam are two different things. Email is still an effective path in online marketing when done properly. Deluxe will handle your marketing through properly targeted emails, depending on the nature of your business.

  • search engine marketing and SEO – Deluxe has Google-certified experts that will help your website get the traffic it needs by using the right keywords in the content.

  • social media management building links and traffic to your website through social media because SEO alone doesn’t cut it.

  • website hosting – As a business builder, Deluxe must be consistent ad become a one-stop-shop for web services, and that includes becoming one of many websites and domain hosting services. Visit their web hosting page,

  • website development – Deluxe offers a DIFM (do-it-for-me) website design service for those who neither have the time nor talent for website building while other services continue to tout how easy website building is but hide the underlying complexities. Deluxe makes no such pretense.

  • website content – for people who have no time to design websites, what more of content? A problem for many website owners is the continual engagement with customers through content. Deluxe also has teams of writers to handle content creation.

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Deluxe has teams of financial, payroll, business, and web experts at its disposal to help your business with its internet needs. Whether you’re building your business from scratch or just in the market for web services, Deluxe is a trusted name. Again, there are plenty of other options for making websites with various tradeoffs such as:

  • Lack of security

  • Lack of content

  • Lack of traffic

  • Not visually pleasing or out of context

deluxe website design

Through Deluxe Websites, with experts at the helm, these problems become nonexistent or at least manageable. From web hosting, web design, marketing, and content, it’s best to have a one-stop-shop to turn to. Less worries than having a plethora of contractors that might not be able to seamlessly work together.

In other words, a complete web solution, whether it’s to:

  • Market and promote your business – through a customized, interactive five to ten-page website.

  • Sell your products online – Deluxe offers an eCommerce package that includes an online store, merchant account setup, shipping, and tax calculations.

  • A mix of both and then some – Deluxe offers a complete website design package that works with how your business works. To promote your business, sell your products, and engage with customers.

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The Deluxe Website Prices & Packages
Deluxe website design prices
Deluxe Website Packages

Deluxe has several DIFM website packages available. They include the following:

  • 5-page Business Website Package – this is for businesses that need to project a powerful and independent online image. Priced at $60 a month for 12 months, this package contains professionally written content, customized templates, app plugins for photos, presentations, and coupons. It also includes a domain name, email address, hosting, and email marketing. The price goes down to 30 dollars a month after two years.

  • 10-page Business Website Package – the same as above but with ten pages priced at $110 a month for 12 months.

  • An Online Store – setting up an online store, let alone a secure one, is a tremendous undertaking, but Deluxe makes it easier for $129 a month under a 12-month agreement. This price goes down significantly in the second year. This package is the same as the above but includes online store functionality. You will be able to sell your products online in a short frame of time. The store can feature up to ten products at a time, will partner you with two shipping providers, and Deluxe will set up a merchant account for you.

  • Custom Web Design Package – Deluxe can also create an all-purpose website tailored to your business. The pricing depends on how much you want to accomplish.

deluxe website design infographic options

To make all this possible, Deluxe will assign you a dedicated website coordinator/consultant to know and understand your business. This person can help you engage your target audience. As an experienced business builder, Deluxe will recommend the apps, content, and design elements your website will need.

The same experience has allowed Deluxe to create thousands of websites for medical professionals, contractors, retailers, restaurants, and more. Web design will be handled by experienced web professionals that will select the proper layout, web elements, and imagery needed to make your business come alive online.

Not only will your website be attractive, but Deluxe will make sure it runs smoothly and works on computers and mobile platforms. Through SEO and SEM, your website and business can be found amongst the millions of sites already up on the internet.

deluxe website design

The bottom line, development, marketing, and content creation, or your website should go to a trusted brand like Deluxe. Whether it’s just a website or your whole business, you can be sure about the reliability, quality, and security of Deluxe Websites.

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