ShopKeep Best Retail POS Software in 2020?

ShopKeep POS review

ShopKeep Best Retail POS Software in 2020? 1
ShopKeep POS System – Review

Starting and running a new business has become much easier these days with online services that offer LLC formation, DIY website builders and payroll outsourcing such as Deluxe, online stores like Etsy, and easy-to-use point-of-sale software like ShopKeep. These systems are so easy to use and manage that it becomes easier to focus on the core business rather than the business’ menial tasks like operating the register or keeping track of employees. With ShopKeep, you or your staff will still be manning the register/s, but most if not all of the hassles associated with keeping track of sales are gone.

ShopKeep Best Retail POS Software in 2020? 2

ShopKeep is a powerful Point-of-Sales system for small businesses. Thanks to its ease of use, it’s trusted by over 25,000 companies. Using Shopkeep is as simple as using a tablet. Shopkeep makes use of the now-ubiquitous gadget to ring up sales, track inventory and manage employees along with mobile phones for notifications, alerts, and reporting.

ShopKeep POS Features

  • Intuitive Interface – Shopkeep’s intuitive interface allows for quick and easy transactions and management. This allows for shorter lines and faster flow of income.

  • Split Payments – Receive a mixture of payment options whether it’s cash, credit card, debit cards, cash cards, or a combination of these options as there are customers inclined to split payments.

  • Discounts, Deposits, and Down Payments – Shopkeep even accepts partial payments as well as security deposits. It also allows for the support and creation of customized discount rates.

  • Open Checks – Shopkeep supports open customer orders in case they need several stuff which they can update or change until it’s time to pick up the order.

  • Refunds and Returns – is also easily supported.

  • Tips and Gratuity – for bars, hotels, and restaurant businesses, the system can accept tips right at the register.

  • Administrative Side – On the administrative side, the system allows staff to clock in and out directly on the register or dedicated device and track their attendance. Keep customers coming back through the system’s marketing tools and even create customized receipts. The system has plenty of reports to keep you well-informed about your business, such as the day’s sales, cash flow, and inventory levels. ShopKeep can also integrate with Quickbooks for easy accounting.

ShopKeep screen, mouse, wireless printer
Retail Shops & Restaurants

ShopKeep For Small To Medium Size Businesses

ShopKeep systems are designed and made for small to medium businesses and can be tailored to fit companies such as:

  • Restaurants – ShopKeep for restaurants has features that include customizable hardware, integrated accounting, staff management, online ordering, tableside ordering, and even manage multiple sites at once.

  • Cafes and Coffee Shops – sell down to the last bean by tracking all ingredients in use, know the bestselling items, shorten the lines through the easy to use UI.

  • Gift Shops and Specialty Retail – quickly plow through long lines through Shopkeep’s customizable UI based on your store’s item layout as well as know what items are bestsellers; easily keep track of inventory and staff and make use of marketing tools to stay in touch with customers.

  • Bars and Wine Shops – monitor your liquor inventories, keep track of your staff and tip them, accept all payment types, and even keep track of your regulars and notify them of your specials and promos.

  • Bakeries and Delis – track both your raw ingredients and sales of finished goods. Run your business smoothly through the POS and maximize earnings per hour.

  • Food Trucks – keep the lines short by simplifying payment transactions. The more people served, the more profitable your food truck is and even accept card payments for those customers short on cash. Also, be able to keep track of your ingredients and keep track of top-selling items.

  • Boutiques – as always, minimize transaction times through the easy-to-use register UI, keep track of your staff, and make your store more profitable by knowing your bestsellers. The POS captures your customer’s email during payment and through the marketing tools, turn them into regulars.

  • Moreover, others…– Shopkeep also allows for barcode printing and scanning for even faster capture of sales transactions and even capture transactions while offline for later syncing. Quickly receive deliveries as well as keep track of vendors and their items through your mobile gadgets. ShopKeep also allows for quick and easy setup by importing your current inventory.

So if you’re having a hard time with your business or just starting, consider checking out ShopKeep.
ShopKeep Best Retail POS Software in 2020? 1

ShopKeep Best Retail POS Software in 2020? 4

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