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It’s always a pain seeing long lines at the counters, thinking there are more sales to be had if the line went faster. When accepting payments whether it’s for services or retail, it should be fast, clean, and secure. To be quick, it should be smooth, and to be easy, it should be simple, and simplicity (not to mention elegance) is the hallmark of Square’s free POS and paid POS systems.

Square POS Pricing Options

Square POS Prices
Square POS Pricing Options

Many entrepreneurs planning to set up shop can’t help but get intimidated by the technical aspects of using and maintaining a point-of-sale system, primarily upon seeing those used in convenience stores and groceries.

That and having to be able to accept and process credit and debit card payments, coupons, gift checks, and others that aren’t cold hard cash. Thanks to the innovative Square Reader, accepting credit card payments from customers has become a breeze for those in the services and retail industry.

Square POS For Any Business
Square Free POS For Any Business

Fall In Love With Square’s Free POS

Square POS

Square Point-of-Sale now has several systems available to make point-of-sale easy for small to medium businesses.

  • Square Reader – can quickly turn your iPhone or iPad into a point-of-sale system. There are several variants, but the best is the Square Reader for contactless and chip which accepts modern EMV chip cards and NFC payments such as Apple Pay.

  • Square Stand – transforms your iPad into an actual easy-to-use point-of-sale system. It includes the Stand which makes your iPad look like a POS terminal plus the Square Reader for Contactless and Chip.

  • Square Register – if you don’t have an iPad and want a straightforward point-of-sale system, then Square Register is for you. It’s an actual POS terminal complete with a customer display that also works like a credit card machine with less of the hassles.

  • Square Terminal – The square terminal is a modern take on the credit card machine connected to cash registers. It’s just like the Square Reader but with a touch-screen interface and it can print physical receipts plus it’s wireless.

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Square POS For Restaurants

Square’s point-of-sale systems can accept the following payments, so there are no worries if the customer has no cash available.

  • All major credit cards (magnetic stripe / EMV chip) at 2.5 percent plus 10c per tap, dip, or swipe. Unlike other payment systems, the funds from these cards appear in your account in only 1 to 2 business days.

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Samsung Pay

  • NFC cards

  • Gift checks

Square POS For Retail
Square For Retail Shops

Square Point-of-Sale systems are easy to use because of their intuitive and highly customizable interface. The freely-downloadable app even allows business owners to manage their inventory and even keep track of their staff. Business owners can also save the data of their regular customers in their Customer Directory for even faster transactions.

  • Secure – Square can track and block fraudulent transactions. Their hardware also features end to end encryption to protect business owners and their customers.

  • No extra fees – Once becoming part of Square, business owners don’t need to worry about PCI compliance, chargeback fees, and statement fees that are associated with conventional POS systems.

  • Affordable Hardware – Square practically gives its hardware for free. The cheapest is the $10 Square readers followed by the $35 chip Reader and the wireless $49 Square Reader for contactless and chip. The Square Stand costs only $ 199, a steal compared to the iPad you’ll set up on it. Moreover, lastly, the affordable $999 Square Terminal if you don’t have nor want to purchase a separate iPad.

  • Analytics – because Square makes accepting payments easy, business owners can focus more on making their businesses grow. The Square Dashboard allows business owners to have reported about the day’s sales, sales for a period, and even their top-selling products enabling business owners to make informed decisions.

  • Tailor-made for businesses – Square also offers special packages (hardware and software) tailor-made for business owners like Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants, and Square for Individuals with subscriptions starting at $50 per month.

Bottom Line

If you want to start or run your current business more effectively whether it’s a convenience store, gift shop, coffee shop,

or restaurant, make use of that iPad lying around and make your smartphone more informative and useful, take the time to look into Square Point-of-Sale systems. Never be intimidated by the cash register again.

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