Is TouchBistro The Best POS For Restaurants?

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Is TouchBistro The Best POS For Restaurants? 1
Is TouchBistro The Best POS For Restaurants? 2

TouchBistro iPad-Based Point Of Sale – Review

Is TouchBistro The Best POS For Restaurants? 3

TouchBistro is a specialized iPad-based point-of-sale system dedicated to the foodservice industry such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The success of the Square point-of-sale system has spawned several other point-of-sale systems, but what better choice is there than something genuinely dedicated and focused on the nature of your business like TouchBistro. TouchBistro is a tool for and run by people in the restaurant industry.

Touch Bistro is a dedicated point-of-sale system built for restaurants, bars, clubs, and even food trucks. If you’re in the business of serving food, TouchBistro is worth checking out. It’s a popular point-of-sale app among restaurants in the US thanks to the following features:

Tableside Ordering

The time of paper-based order-taking and missed orders is over. TouchBistro enables restaurateurs’ waiters and waitresses to accept orders from the table straight to the kitchen order queue. This allows for higher speed and accuracy in taking orders. Thus, tables can move a bit faster. Combined with a bit of marketing from the owner and staff, this system enables the upselling of higher value menu items through suggestive selling. Tableside ordering also allows seat joining and bill splitting in a few taps.

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Floor Plan and Table Management

Managing tables is a necessary but tedious exercise in any restaurant, especially when tables and occupants move or combine and bills are split on the fly. What used to be table 5 becomes part of table 3 etc.… You can also create or modify your current floorplan during special events as well as monitor which sections are popular among guests. These can be done quickly on your iPad.

Mobile Payment and Processing

The ability to take and process payments straight from the table in itself is a reason to adopt a point-of-sale system like TouchBistro. Restaurant owners and staff can immediately process payments without having to walk to and from the counter to process payments, except maybe to give change for cash payments. TouchBistro supports payment methods like cash, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, NFCs like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. What’s best is the ability to choose a preferred payment processor without getting locked in with the payment processors of other systems.

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Menu Management

The menu is an essential component of any food business. With TouchBistro, users can create and edit menus. Modifiers can easily be added, menu items categorized and marked as out of stock or out of season, and discounts can be set on the fly.

Staff Management and Scheduling

TouchBistro also allows businesses to manage their staff with functions such as attendance tracking, payroll, as well as role management. Staff can clock in and out of work through the POS via PIN or QR Code. Staff roles can be added or changed and given the ability to provide discounts to customers. Shifting can also be easily managed, and staff performance tracked.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Managing the supply of ingredients is just as important as serving complete meals. TouchBistro thus makes it easier for business owners to manage their inventories to keep the menu going. Ingredient levels can easily be associated and tracked based on a menu item’s recipe, so the inventory quickly gets updated every time a meal rolls out of the kitchen. TouchBistro inventory management allows business owners to track costs per menu item based on the ingredients and make informed decisions on menu management. Management and staff are also automatically alerted in case of shortages.

Customer Relationship Management

Returning customers or regulars are the lifeblood of food businesses; thus, it’s vital to maintain good relations. Such is true in any business as well. Customer Relationship Management within TouchBistro is an excellent way to increase sales by improving service for returning customers. Returning customers often have recurring orders, and these can be set, saved, and charged automatically for faster service. The system allows for creating customer accounts that will enable for advance payments, tabs, and billing. Customers can also be given incentives to return through discounts, loyalty points, and promotions.

Reporting and Analytics

Making informed decisions is also an essential part of managing any business. Data from orders, customers, inventory flows are collected and can be collated into meaningful reports; thus, TouchBistro not only makes things easier but business owners valuable insights into their business. Owners can determine the most popular items on the menu, the least-selling, profits vs. costs per menu item, total sales for the month, shift reports, tips, and staff activity, total sales, and inventory tracking by ingredient. These are just some of the fifty or so reports available in the system.

TouchBistro is highly regarded among US restaurants for its ease of use. Customer support and reporting features are mostly favorable. Overall, TouchBistro is a reliable system for the restaurant and foodservice industry.

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