ADP Payroll Services Review for 2022

ADP Payroll Services Review: ADP, Inc. (Automatic Data Processing), is a workplace management system that has been around for over a century.

ADP Payroll Services Review

ADP is a major player in the workplace management and payroll software industry. ADP has been at the forefront of technology since its inception. This includes when they needed to upgrade from punch-card machines to computers and then to cloud-based mobile apps. ADP may be a payroll specialist, but it might not offer the best value for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

It is difficult to find a firm price online for this program. The benefits administration capabilities are an add-on. This means that this program is more expensive than other starter-payroll programs. These fees can quickly add up. ADP is known for its customer service and will go out of its way to help clients.

Although it’s an excellent option for businesses looking to grow, it’s not the most cost-effective for those looking to save money. Small businesses might consider Gusto if they are looking for an affordable payroll solution.

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ADP Payroll Services Review

ADP Pricing

ADP’s pricing is difficult to find online. This is the most important thing you need to know. To receive a quote, you will need to meet with a salesperson. It can be difficult to compare prices if a company doesn’t disclose what you may end up paying each month. ADP’s plans can be tailored to the needs of each company, so it’s easy to understand why pricing is not available on the website. The fees for using ADP payroll to manage retirement funds are outrageous.

With 10-15 employees, the average monthly salary will be $160. For payroll and HR Plus, we were given $179.86 per month for 11 employees. There is also a $10 per employee fee. The company charges a fee for each payroll run with ADP software. A $25 setup fee is typically waived when you sign a contract. All quotes can be customized based on your business location, employees, frequency of payroll runs, and other factors.

ADP offers its customers two months of free and reduced-rate contracts when they sign a yearly contract. Every contract is unique, but all require a 12-month commitment. All contracts are also paid upfront. Canceled contracts can be canceled without being charged a termination fee. However, there is no refund for canceled contracts. ADP currently offers three months of free service to new customers.

RUN Powered by ADP

There are four pricing options for RUN, depending on what you need: the Essential Plan (Enhanced Plan), Complete Plan (Complete Plan), and HR Plus Plan (HR Plus Plan). Our research shows that pricing can increase by $20-50 per month depending on the level of RUN. The following is included in all RUN plans:

  • For pricing, contact ADP
  • Ideal for 1 to 49 employees
  • Payroll processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Debit card payment is available
  • Filing taxes
  • General ledger interface
  • New hire reporting
  • Access to ADP employees
  • HR Tips w/newsletter
  • HR checkups
  • Electronic reporting

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Run is no longer available for 50 employees. You will need to upgrade to ADP Workforce Now once you have reached that point. Workforce Now also offers a tiered pricing structure — each tier has more HR options — but anyone interested in the program should speak to a sales representative to determine an exact rate.

  • For pricing, contact ADP
  • Ideal for 50-999 employees
  • Payroll processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Service for tax filing
  • Builder for custom reports
  • Record keeping specific to a country
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Assistance with compliance
  • Job description and template wizard
  • HR Toolkit
  • Employee handbook wizard
  • Robust scheduling capabilities

ADP Vantage

Vantage HCM, which caters to large corporations globally, is the most widely used ADP platform. I believe you have graduated from a large company if your business has more than 1,000 employees. Here’s what the ADP Vantage Plan offers:

  • Contact ADP to get pricing
  • Ideal for 1,000+ employees: Payroll system
  • Payroll processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Service for tax filing
  • Management of talent and recruitment
  • Employee scheduling
  • Record-keeping for employees

ADP Payroll Services Review

Extra Costs

Before signing up, be aware that there are additional ADP fees.

  • Health Benefits – ADP does not offer health benefits in all 50 states. ADP can be integrated with other benefit management platforms. However, ADP offers health benefits that are managed through ADP Associates which will help you navigate the benefits process. A feature of the Workforce Now program helps you comply with the Affordable Care Act. Pricing for health care benefits can vary depending on what type of care is being provided, the plan selected, and other factors.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: ADP has many worker’s compensation brokers to help you if you don’t have an existing worker’s comp plan through your insurance company. This insurance policy is for workers who are hurt on the job. It can also be required by some states.
  • Additional HR Benefits: RUN’s Essential plan does not include any HR features. You will need the Complete or the HR Plus Plan to have the ability to manage your HR through payroll. You can add insurance, retirement, and compliance to your Essential or Enhanced plan.

Cloud-Based or Locally-Installed

ADP is completely cloud-based so there are no installation or downloads required.

Hardware and Software Requirements

ADP, a cloud-based payroll system, is compatible with all devices as long as there’s an internet connection. ADP offers a mobile application so you can run your payroll anywhere.

Specific Size of Business

ADP offers three payroll programs for companies with more than 1,000 employees. ADP offers RUN powered by ADP for small businesses. This program is suitable for 50 employees. Workforce Now is available for medium-sized businesses. Vantage is designed for larger companies. ADP is available for small businesses. However, ADP’s price and feature set make it best for large and mid-sized companies. Small businesses looking to grow will want a payroll system that can grow with them.

An additional cost to RUN’s basic level is the addition of an HR platform. ADP charges per payroll so a company with 50 or fewer employees that run a weekly or biweekly pay can look into Gusto.

Easy To Use

ADP is simple to use and well-organized. ADP’s advanced features are surprisingly easy to use. ADP also comes with detailed support during the setup process. ADP will support you when it comes to entering employees and setting up your payroll schedule. ADP has your back, Luddites! ADP representatives will guide users through a tutorial, and then provide links to access your payroll.

Features of ADP

Here is a summary of the services that ADP offers in payroll:

  • Dashboard The payroll dashboard is located at the top of your screen. There are also quick-access icons on the home page. It is simple and intuitive. Both of these places allow business owners to access all available payroll features.
  • Employee PortalEmployees have easy access to My ADP to view all of their tax and payslips. You can also connect to the employee portal to access any HR features that you use to streamline your HR.
  • Employee Management: ADP offers many features that will help you manage your contractors and employees from one interface. You can add information such as job title, payment information, and time off. Tax documents can also be added. ADP allows you to manage additional earnings and deductions as well as garnishments.
  • Payroll –ADP wants to make managing payroll as simple as possible. Once your employees have been enrolled, their pay scales and play dates are set, it is easy to run payroll. Bonus: If you wish, you can add a humorous message to each employee’s check stub. I can already see myself in serious trouble for using check stub affirmations every pay period.
  • Payment Methods ADP offers cash cards and direct deposits.
  • Checks & Pay Stubs: Employees have the option to download a PDF copy of their pay stubs from their employee portal. You can also print checks if you pay employees by check.
  • Paid time off (PTO), Any plan can have a paid-time-off policy, including sick and vacation days. You can choose to set sick/vacation days or accrue sick/vacation days. Both options are available under the payroll options.
  • Time Tracking It is crucial to keep track of hours worked when running payroll. A great payroll solution will integrate well with other time-tracking software. ADP offers both.
  • Reports ADP’s experience and age have allowed it to offer a wide range of reporting options. This is just a small selection. Additional reporting options are available once you have used certain features. You can create reports with ADP’s time-tracking software to show employees who are near overtime and which employees forget to clock in, etc.
  • Benefits AdministrationOnly top plans for RUN — Complete or HR Plus — have benefits administration options. ADP partners can charge additional fees to business owners for providing retirement and insurance options.
  • Garnishment Payroll ADP can manage your pay garnishment.
  • Tax Support: The ADP will calculate, withhold and pay the IRS their share of taxes. ADP supports W-2s and 1099s as well as I-9s and W-4s. Your employees can e-sign their W-4s and I-9s. They can also view and download their W-2s or 1099s at year’s end.

ADP Payroll Services Review

ADP Customer Support & Service

ADP scores well in customer support and service. ADP is proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. One complaint about customer service is the long wait time to speak to experts. ADP’s customer support representatives are excellent, but they lack the specific knowledge necessary to answer complex questions such as payroll, taxes, and insurance. It can be difficult to find someone who can help you with your tax questions or problems. However, ADP’s customer service team works hard. The company’s reputation is a testament to its dedication and responsiveness to customers.

  • Phone: You can speak to a human being 24/7.
  • Email: Send an email to ADP Support Team.
  • Live Chat Clients have 24/7 access to a virtual support option on the website. This allows them to talk with someone who can assist you in your ADP program.
  • Community ForumsADP responds to all reviews posted on the BBB and other major review sites. ADP could help you if you are having difficulty finding the answer.
  • Videos: ADP owns its YouTube channel! You will find many useful resources and clips on this channel.
  • Social Media ADP has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Reps can comment on posts as they are needed.

ADP User Reviews

Negative Reviews and Complaints

ADP holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, despite its excellent reputation, over 300 complaints have been filed to the BBB about ADP in the past three years. ADP responds to all negative reviews. If you are still unhappy with the service, you can file a complaint to expedite a resolution. These are the top issues users have with Run Powered by ADP. This includes using ADP for services such as retirement and worker’s compensation.

  • Hidden fees: Beware of the hidden charges! This is especially important if you are planning to integrate HR benefits into your payroll system. ADP employs brokers and salespeople to sell you plans through its partners. However, many of these programs don’t save clients money. Worse, some add ambiguous processing charges.
  • It is difficult to terminate a contract There were many negative reviews about ADP withholding payroll fees and funds after a business had stopped using it for payroll.
  • Ambiguous PricingManaging a small business requires you to be careful with your money. ADP does not publish pricing plans online. You will need to speak with a person to do that. ADP also charges a fee each time you run payroll. This is not an issue if you only need to run payroll biweekly or monthly, but additional charges can add up.
  • Demonstration: You can use the program to explore the interface and decide if it is for you. Before you can access the demo, you will need to schedule a call with a representative. The demo does not allow you to fully test the software and there is no free trial.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

ADP has been around for a while and is always on the cutting edge of payroll trends. It isn’t new and it’s certainly not a startup. It’s an established and trusted Old Standard, but it isn’t stagnant. The company communicates daily about areas of growth and offers opportunities for feedback on features. ADP is an excellent choice for small businesses that want to grow into larger companies. ADP’s rating on Capterra is 4.4/5 (based upon 667 reviews). ADP employees are satisfied with the system. They have the following comments to make about ADP in their ADP reviews.

  • Simple to Use: ADP is simple and efficient compared to other programs. This software is easy to use and understand thanks to the phone tutorial and easy access support.
  • Supportive and Accessible Customer Support: With a few exceptions, ADP’s support team gets a lot of praises for their responsiveness to clients as well as their accessibility. ADP has many options for customer support. You can contact them by phone, email, chat, or live chat. It’s available 24/7, as the company is global. You can also talk to the people you speak with. They are friendly, helpful, and will find someone to answer any questions you may have.

ADP Integrations and Add-Ons

ADP offers a wide range of software integrations that are compatible with their products. The program can integrate with QuickBooks, Wave, and Xero accounting software. FinancialForce, Oracle, and Infor are all integrated enterprise resource planning software programs. ADP integrates with ClockShark and Deputy, Dolce, and Homebase. MakeShift and TSheets are also available for time and attendance software. There are many more, including Clover, ZipRecruiter, Clover, Slack, and Clover. Although the website does not list all integrations, ADP is willing to work with you to integrate them. ADP can provide a complete list of integrations and information about specific programs.


The website of ADP states:

We have built a Trusted Platform Security Infrastructure, (TPSI), to help us quickly deploy new security technology that will expand, integrate, and support our cybersecurity services.

This infrastructure includes at least 30 integrated technologies, which can be used for fraud protection, antimalware and threat protection as well as extended intellectual property protection and behavior analysis monitoring.

Final Verdict

Merchant Maverick concludes that ADP is a great program for large businesses. Small businesses with between 1 and 50 employees won’t need all the bells and whistles. It can be frustrating to enter a sales environment and not know whether you are getting a good deal or not. A sales call to discuss demos and other relevant questions can feel more like a difficult sell without transparent pricing. Although negotiating may give you a sense of accomplishment, for me, it is an emotional burden that business owners do not need.

Is ADP a good program for payroll? Yes. It is easy to use and intuitive. They go above and beyond for clients. Yes. ADP offers 24/7 support if you need it. ADP can provide a quote if these are important to you.

ADP is a strong industry leader but this ADP payroll system might not be suitable for small businesses unless they have plans to grow.

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