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ADP or Automatic Data Processing, Inc is an American provider of HR management.

ADP payroll services review. ADP’s software provides businesses payroll services including processing payroll and filing taxes. According to ADP, business owners will be a great deal more productive and be ensured their employees will be paid on time. In 2010, ADP was 1 of 4 American companies to receive a credit rating of AAA. 

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This cloud-based platform is user-friendly and will walk you through the entire set up using very easy to follow wizards that will make sure no errors take place during the process. ADP’s excellent interface is very easy for administration and employees to use in order to manage information or when updating records.

Dealing with payroll is very easy to use with their 3 step process that covers entering payroll information for employees, easy to view payroll for approval, and a summary of all entries once completed. If your time tracking is used through ADP, the time entered for your employees will be automatically calculated. This makes processing payroll a great deal easier.

Their simple interface makes it really easy to move from business and employee records in order to update records. You will also have internal messaging to communicate with employees or gather information and reports.

Tax Compliant When Filing:

Business owners know it can be a challenge getting taxes filed on time and not running into problems from the IRS. ADP’s tax compliance program will guarantee your taxes will be done correctly as long as your HR department has provided the correct payroll data for each employee. If all information is correct and something happens during the processing, ADP will take care of all fees or fines from the government. Also, for a small additional fee, at the end of the year, they will process employees’ W2s and contractors’ 1099 forms.

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Payroll Options:

ADP offers numerous standard payment options including direct deposit payments to employees. If you prefer to pay your employees by check, you can print paychecks (along with pay stubs) directly on the site or ADP will provide check stuffing and mailing services. This feature is only available with the Enhanced Payroll bundle that will also give you ADP’s payment card (Aline Card).

You will also have numerous ways to track pay and handle payments for employees from salaried and hourly employees, to contractors. You can customize your payroll dates including weekly, biweekly, or on a specific date each month such as the 1st and the 15th. Any irregular payments will not interfere or cancel your regular payroll whatsoever.

ADP Features:

ADP has the very best selection of features so everything is right there for a growing business to easily manage payroll.

Outside of the basic payroll management and processing, there are a number of features for HR and payroll administrators to take full advantage of including:

Up to 30 deductions for each employee

Filing payroll taxes and tax compliance

Talent management applications

Management of time and labor

Administration benefits such as PTO accrual

Excellent integration with a third-party application such as QuickBooks

Easy self-applications for employees such as eLogin for time tracking

Check printing and other payment options

Signing checks and check stuffing service

Email reminders

Email generation alerts for security changes such as changing banks and other security changes

Regulatory unemployment insurance and labor law poster programs.

Inclusive information with over 30 reports that can be printed, viewed, and/or downloaded in PDF or Excel


ADP’s prices vary for payroll services and are usually based on the number of employees a business has. Other factors include their different payroll processing bundles with each offering more features.

Their Essential Payroll Bundle offers all basic payroll and tax filing services that a small business might need.

The Enhanced Payroll + HR has the same features as the Enhanced Bundle but with the added HR Management service. This includes job postings, applicant tracking, background checks, HR training, and HR compliance.

The average cost for processing payroll for each employee in a business that has less than 50 employees is $388 a year. That amount could decrease or increase depending on the bundle or service plan you create when you set up your payroll account.

ADP Pros:

No added fees for business taxes in several states

Excellent Tax, HR, and Benefits Management

Deductions and Earnings setup is flexible

You are provided with 30+ customizable payroll reports

Integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting software

ADP Cons:

Depending on your subscription, payment options might be limited

There is no dedicated account representative

Very high complaints regarding the time on hold to speak with customer service

In Conclusion:

ADP has a good online payroll service that focuses on small and growing businesses but will work with any size business. They offer a great deal of flexibility and their tax services will handle businesses operating in several states with no added fees. This Human Resources Management program is perfect for businesses that need a dependable, reliable payroll service from a dependable, reliable name. Because of the huge size of a company like ADP and the fact that they do not provide a dedicated account representative, we don’t think ADP would be a good choice for small businesses starting out. If your HR department has years of payroll experience, ADP would be a good fit, but we prefer a smaller company striving to be #1 rather than the big bulky leader. Deluxe Payroll, Square or the great combination of Intuit & Quickbooks continue to be our favorites in payroll.

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