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Welcome to our Intuit Payroll review. Intuit is featured in our top 5 best payroll services for 2019 because of their great prices,  ease of use and integration with Quickbooks. Adding Quickbooks as an option is not required but for those small businesses already using Quickbooks and are thinking about outsourcing payroll from in-house to Intuit, we think this would make a good fit for most businesses.

Intuit has an excellent reputation for its online business services, easy interfaces, dependable features and payroll. Intuit’s online payroll service is reliable and more than able to get your employees paid in a manner you would expect. The downside, they have not kept up with their competition regarding design or for filing payroll taxes. 

Although Intuit Enhanced Payroll is a very good service, it’s very simplistic in design and does not automatically pay taxes at their basic level, like their competitors do for the same price. You would have to upgrade to another level for this service.

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Quickbooks and Intuit payroll review

Intuit Payroll Services User-Friendly Set Up

They provide an excellent wizard walk-through for the entire process of setting up. It is one of the best in the industry but does not offer a live setup assistance that other sites provide. When setting up your payroll, simply enter each employee’s information, such as your pay schedule, and your chosen form of payments such as direct deposit. As you create a profile for an employee, a sample of a paycheck will appear with a projected amount of income, deductions, etc.

Intuit payroll review

Then you will answer a number of questions about obligations such as deposit schedule and/or tax information. Unlike sites like Square Payroll, if you are only using Intuit for payroll services, you can just move on where other sites require you complete each step. Intuit will, however, remind you to complete these steps at another time.

Setting up their payroll service is very easy to follow and if you run into something you don’t understand, you will get excellent hyperlink support and buttons that will explain the content or open a window. Because Intuit has been around for a long time, their set up is very thorough. The downside, sites like OnPay and Patriot Software have continued to move forward offering more intuitive applications.

Self Service Payroll
Self Service Payroll With Quickbooks

Full Service Payroll
Full Service Payroll With Quickbooks

Intuit Payroll Prices

Intuit Payroll prices
Intuit Payroll Prices

Intuit payroll prices are grouped into “Self-Service” and “Full-Service” with the options of using only their payroll service or including Quickbooks together. For payroll only, Intuit payroll costs $40. a month plus $4.00 for each employee per month. Not bad considering the costs of hiring a full-time employee just to do payroll.

User Interface

Even though it has made several cosmetic changes, it lacks in updating their design. Whatever designing steps they have taken are behind other payroll services. Their user interface looks dated due to old underline hyperlinks. Some of their other pages appear to be newer which only makes the user interface look tired and old.

Running Your Payroll 

Once you have provided the information needed to run your payroll, you might discover something you didn’t complete. You can easily return to the setup pages and then click on the Set-Up tab at the top of the screen. You can click on the Electronic Services tab and follow the wizard guide you through the entire process. The process is very simple and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Intuit online payroll reviews

First, you must choose the type or kind of pay you are using:

• Regular payroll checks

• Bonus checks

• Commission checks

At this point, all the employees you have created records for should be listed along with the Pay Period and Pay Date. Look them over to ensure your dates and pay periods are correct. 

Intuit online payroll review

If you are performing a standard payroll, you have to enter the hours worked such as:

• Regular hours

• Overtime

• Vacation

Click the Check Details Button to preview, make any needed changes, and then click “Create” which will open the Create Paychecks screen and then go to Approve. This page will only show hours, total pay, net pay and taxes. If you prefer, you can click on the View/Edit link and see everything broken down like you would see on a pay stub.

Their Online Payroll only displays a box with an arrow pointing to the Net Pay Total and a message to make sure you have enough money in your bank account. If you are using direct deposit, you will have to connect a bank account because Intuit Enhanced Payroll does not submit payroll taxes. When you are ready, click the approval button to authorize the payment. Unfortunately, you will have to go back to the beginning and repeat the entire process if you want to create a different kind of check such as vacation, or commissions.

Intuit Payroll Services Pros & Cons

• They provide an excellent, comprehensive wizard set up.

• A good selection of payroll processing tools

• Can customize reports

• Helpful mobile apps


• Will not automatically file payroll taxes.

• Out-of-date interface and design

• Does Not provide live setup assistance

• You have to run separate payments for different kinds of checks.

• Only Works with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

We hope our Intuit payroll review provides some insight. Considering price, company reputation ease of use and features, Intuit Payroll continues to rank in our 


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