Patriot Software Review 2021

Patriot software

Patriot Software is known as one of the best in online payroll solutions available today. Their payment software, options, and features operate smoothly and very user-friendly. They provide a full service for payroll, including processing, payments, and an employee portal. You can track time and attendance for easier payroll processing and HR software which is a great benefit for small business owners.

User-Friendly Setup

Their payroll solution is very impressive and very simple to set up. You can enter all your employees’ information into the system in just a few minutes. If you choose to run your payroll manually, all you have to do is enter the data when it’s time to pay your employees.

On the other hand, if you use their full-service option, it’s even more accessible. All you have to do is input your employee’s hours for the given period and hit approve! It’s that simple!

Their interface is very clean and straightforward; you will not get bogged down in menus or visuals. The upside of their simple feature setup, you will not get lost or confused in navigation. It’s effortless to use and a great perk for the busy small business owner.

Your Payment Options

As mentioned earlier, Patriot Software is straightforward and basic. They only offer two options for employees to get paid:

• Direct Depositing

• Printed Checks

As Patriot does not provide check signing and stuffing services, your checks are printed on-site. If your employees prefer the direct deposit option, there’s no additional charge as it’s included in the primary and full-service plans. Also, they do not offer payment cards as other services do.

Fees & Payments

Patriot’s pricing is very transparent, which is a huge plus! So many other sites require you to contact them and give them your contact information to provide you with a quote. Patriot offers full disclosure on their website and is priced for small business owners who do not have significant overhead.

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Their payment options are as follows

Patriot software plans and prices


Basic Payroll is $10 a month

The basic plan starts at $10 a month for one employee and increases up to $2 for each additional employee, up to 5 employees. The great news, at that point, you will start seeing discounts for each employee to save money.

Full-Service Payroll is $25 a month

This plan starts at $25 per month and increases up to $4 for each additional employee, up to 5 employees. Again, at that point, you will start seeing discounts for each employee to save money.

Added Features To Help With Payroll:

Tracking time and attendance starts at $8 a month

HR software starts at $7 a month

These additional features will increase for each additional employee monthly.

Accounting Packages:

Patriot Software Website Home Page

Also, they provide a fabulous online accounting package that starts at $10.00 a month. This package has been specially created for small businesses with no previous payroll knowledge or experience.

Customer Support

There customer support team is headquartered in Canton, Ohio and provides three ways for you to contact them:

Speak directly to a team member by calling Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM (877) 968-7147

Live-chat online with a team member Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM

By email at any time of day or night.


• Direct deposit and check printing

• Fully integrated employee portal

• Tracking time and attendance for easier payroll processing.


• Limited features

• Does not offer pay cards or check processing/mail

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In Conclusion

As basic as Patriot Software might be, they know what small business owners need and want to get their payroll done correctly and on time. They might not have all the bells and whistles that other online services provide; Patriot Software is catering to a completely different crowd of small business owners. They are committed and focused on meeting their members’ needs and is, by far, the best beginner payroll service online.

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