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A Brief Introduction to Sage Payroll

Founded in 1981 and now with over 6,000,000 customers worldwide, Sage is known as a premier payroll and accounting software business. For 2020, Sage provides a complete human resource management solution to both small and medium-sized businesses.

Sage Payroll is a premium cloud-based business software, which offers payroll business services to different kinds of enterprises. Sage Payroll Services provides several key features for enterprises such as HR data handling and management, tax filing, and accounting integration.

Sage Payroll offers three pricing plans, which have customized features that are well-suited for any enterprise’s needs.

If you’re running a business all by yourself, you already know how endless and tiresome your work can get. You are in charge of everything, from normal daily operations to drafting big-picture plans.

Payroll management is an incredibly important component of HR management, which cannot be neglected at any cost. Due to the increasing complexity of payroll management, most business owners seek the help of payroll software that can make things easier for them.

Payroll software can help you pay your workers and employees, manage withholdings and deductions, and make your tax filings easier by automating all such tasks. However, there are several unique payroll software services that are available for you to choose from. When you consider this fact, is Sage the right choice for you then?

This helpful review of Sage Payroll will provide you with iron-clad facts regarding this software that can guide your decision. We will analyze every feature offered by Sage Payroll, its pricing plans, and other essential details, which you can use for deciding whether Sage is the software you’ve been hunting for.


Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) 

Sage Payroll is a cloud-based business payroll software. This means that users are capable of accessing their data from any place on the planet, provided they have access to Internet services.

Sage Payroll lets you manage & efficiently automate your entire payroll process. It enables you to pay your workers and employees on time and accurately via various methods, which include business-generated checks, direct deposits, and paycards.

In addition to this, Sage Payroll also lets you carry out employee data management, compliance procedures, and tax filings. The software comes with the ability to be integrated with other software modules that deal with payments, time management, HR management, and accounting. Customer support is also provided by the developers, along with access to a community of Sage Payroll users, named Sage Advice, along with a 180-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.

Getting Started

Key Features of Sage Payroll

The number of features you can access in Sage Payroll is dependent on the pricing plan that you’ve chosen. There are three main plans provided by Sage Payroll Services: Sage Payroll Full Service, Sage Payroll Essentials, and Sage Payroll Essentials Plus.

Sage Payroll Essentials

Also known as the Sage Payroll Basic Plan, this plan lets you plan out your payroll services and execute them yourself manually. Choosing this plan will allow you to access payroll services via the software’s cloud platform.

The Sage Payroll Essentials plan allows you to pay your workers and employees (after accounting for all tax withholdings and deductions) based on the payroll schedule you create. You can complete payments using business checks, pay cards, or direct deposits.

You’ll need to enter your business and employee data manually for setting up your payroll. However, once this step has been completed, you’ll be able to access your payroll details with relative ease. Additionally, your workers and employees can also log in & access their payroll data, including pay stubs and W-2 forms.

Since this is the Essentials package, you’ll need to complete your tax filings manually. Also, you are also allowed to integrate Sage Payroll with Sage accounting or any other compatible accounting software of your choice.

You will also be able to integrate Sage Payroll with other software tools that deal with human resources management, payment processing, ACA compliance, and time management.

The Sage Payroll Essentials package includes customer care access, comprehensive payroll reports, access to an online advice community along with a 180-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.

Sage Payroll Essentials Plus

This plan is a step above the Sage Payroll Essentials plan. It comes with slightly more advanced features compared to the basic plan. This plan provides all the features that are available in the previous plan, along with one additional feature.

Instead of having to file taxes manually, Sage Payroll Essentials Plus lets you have them filed automatically. However, it should be noted that this is the only major point of distinction between the Essentials Plus and Essentials plans.

Sage Payroll Full Service

If you want to use Sage Payroll without any limitations, you will need to select the Sage Payroll Full Service, which is the most comprehensive plan available at the moment. This plan will allow you to automate every manual process that had to be done previously under the Essentials Plus and Essentials Plans.

When you opt for the Sage Payroll Full Service, you’ll have your dedicated service rep who will help you design your payroll management as per your needs.

Apart from the services provided by the two plans mentioned before, Sage will also complete tax filings and remit them in all jurisdictions and states.

Additionally, the Sage Payroll Full Service plan lets you integrate new human resources data management that can enhance your overall efficiency.

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Sage Payroll HCM

While Sage Payroll HCM isn’t a regular Sage payroll software plan, it is relevant to this discussion. As the name says, Sage Payroll HCM contains a few more features in addition to the ones provided by the Sage Payroll Full Service plan.

This plan provides you with complete, unrestricted access to all features offered by Sage Payroll Services, along with several prominent human resource management system tools.

This means it can help you recruit, hire, and onboard employees. Thanks to the Sage Payroll HCM plan, you will be able to access a job portal for managing job descriptions & analyzing candidate profiles.

You’ll be allowed to post job vacancy details to multiple job search platforms, generate reports, and manage applications. After making your decision regarding a hire, you can utilize Sage for onboarding your new employees as well, which involves providing them with access to customizable workflow templates, employment forms, training, and manuals.

Sage Payroll Pricing

While Sage provides comprehensive details regarding its accounting software on its website, pricing details are not available for their business payroll services or Payroll HCM plans.

For knowing more about their pricing structure, you’ll need to speak with their sales representatives directly. They will provide you with customized pricing plans after considering your requirements.

For a quote-based software tool like Sage, your plan’s pricing is dependent on a multitude of factors, which include your business’s size and scale of operations, the plan you intend to choose, payroll schedule & other integrations or custom capabilities you’ll require from your payroll software.

It is important to note that Sage’s software competitors tend to charge a fixed monthly base fee in addition to a fixed monthly fee per employee. If you would like a quote, simply reach out to them directly.

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