Square Payroll Services Review 2021

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“Switching to Square Payroll was quick and seamless,” said Raymond Osbrey, owner of Jitters Cafe in Rhode Island.

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Square Online Payroll For Small Business


Square has a very user-friendly system that your employees will truly appreciate. With a simple click of a button, you can import timesheets, overtime, vacation days accrued, or other valuable information and the system will automatically calculate before generating check payments.

You will also have reports to work which are very simple to use. Once you get your information, you can tailor the reports to get the exact information you are looking for.

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From Square’s Website

Your employees will discover that Square’s system is incredibly easy to use as well. The system is designed with an automatic clock-in, clock-out program, and excellent online account management for easy access from absolutely anywhere. Employees can have their own personalized account so they can submit their hours, update their personal information, and receive payments. Your people can view their pay stubs and tax forms right from their accounts.

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Payroll Options

Square provides the option for a business to make payment for an hourly, flat rate, or salary-based. Individual employees will be paid quickly and in the format that works best for them. Another excellent option, you can send out a payment whenever you choose, you do not have to wait until the end of the month or middle of the month or whatever your payroll cycle is. You can provide direct deposits into your employees’ accounts or print checks.

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Filing Taxes

Their website has announced they have filed well-over $230 million in taxes for their small businesses across the country. Not only are these numbers astonishing, but distills a high level of confidence among their customers. As an employer, you can rest assured that Square has your back and they know all tax obligations for your area and business. They file W2s, 1099s, federal, and state tax demands. They post tax deductions, workers’ compensation, insurance claims, sick leave, any other paid time off, and so much more! Even better news, you get all these services included in your Standard Square Price Package with absolutely no added charges.

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Square’s Features:

Without a doubt, Square has some of the very best features anywhere. Along with all the regular features that are given to you with exceptional functioning powers, the Square Marketplace has hundreds of more add-ons and integration options, including:

Direct Deposits

Electronic Payments

Data Import/Export

Overtime Calculations

Recurring Billing

Sales Tracking

Mobile App For Excellent Flexibility

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Along with all these features, others are very beneficial for HR, including:

Import time cards and timesheets so the system can automatically make payroll calculations based on your employees clocked hours or salaries.

Complete tax management, calculations, and filing of W2s, 1099s, and vacations.

There are no subscription fees

Pay only for employees you make payments to

Customized reporting

Calculations for overtime.

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Square has a very flexible system allowing you to choose features that will work best for you. You can take features and create a customized package that will suit your business best. The payroll services are:

Contractors Only

  • Monthly Subscription Is Free
  • Per Worker Is $5 A Month

Employees and Contractors

  • Monthly Subscription is $25 A Month
  • Per Worker Is $5 A Month

One of Square’s very best features is its flexible payment. The algorithm will base your payments on the number of employees you pay each month. If on a given month you are paying fewer employees, your cost will be lower, and Square will charge automatically without having to switch between different plans or start a new package. As you are paying for employees, you can add additional payments without incurring additional fees.

Also, Square will give you a 30-Day, Risk-Free return policy for any hardware purchased.

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Customer Support

They offer one of the very best customer service support teams that are not only customer-friendly but are native English speakers and very knowledgeable about all their products and Square’s platform. They will get you back on track and fix any issues in a very timely manner.

There is a customer service page loaded with videos, tutorials, beneficial articles, along with tips and tricks. When visiting their customer support page, you will find the answers you are looking for.

If you prefer to contact them by phone, they are available only during business hours Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM PST.

You can also contact their team by email, or visit them on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit their very friendly, helpful forum for business owners when you have questions. You will get excellent advice to answer any issues you might have. Square is there for all business owners and wants to see that small business succeed and have continual growth.


Why You Should Join Up With Square

There are many reasons you should choose Square for your business needs. They offer free accounts for small, startup companies, a mobile POS system, and excellent customer support.

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In Conclusion

As a small business owner, you need the best solutions for paying your employees and your taxes while not taking you away from your busy schedule of running the business.

Square, Inc., has many fabulous features and services to keep you on track and will be there for you no matter what situation might arise. You have many different ways of contacting them and an excellent forum to get answers to your questions quickly.

Visit them on Facebook or Twitter and get involved with other followers and share your thoughts. Square, Inc. is not just a business; it’s a thriving community!

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