SurePayroll Review

SurePayroll Review 1

Rating “Good”  Rating 3 stars

SurePayroll provides a good selection of features and offers a solid payroll processing service.

Their service was created for small business owners and you will be up and running in 3 easy steps. Also, you can run it on any of your devices.


• Multiple payment choices

• SSL encryption for secure data storage and transfers


Their interface for navigating can seem somewhat frustrating and crowded at first but spending a little time on their system will make it much easier. That said, it would be really nice if all their information was shoved together and somewhat cluttered.

From the first moment you enter the site, the dashboard can seem a little overwhelming. Even though payrolls can be completed in just a few minutes using a few simple steps, there are a lot of functions on the back end for administration and reporting.

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SurePayroll Features:

They offer a very simple, direct approach to your payroll needs. They have made it incredibly easy for both small and medium business owners, allowing them to get their payroll done in a timely manner. You do not have to deal with complicated calculations, everything from wage deductions and withholdings are done automatically.

Simply enter your employees’ hours and their rate of pay. All taxes, state and federal, are automatically calculated, paid, and filed for you.

You will have total access to all of SurePayroll’s features with their cloud-based interface and you do not need any software or any downloads. If at some point, you want other services, there are additional features:

• Time clock integrations

• Sure/Advisor and labor law compliance services

• Accounting with QuickBooks, Accountedge, Zero, Sage50, and many more.

• Mobile Payroll operations with Android and iOS

• New hiring reports

SurePayroll allows you to customize by industry or business model using their Nanny Payroll Services. Once you have joined up with SurePayroll, you can look around and discover many different features that match different business needs.

Payment Options:

Although there are so many features available on SurePayroll, they only offer limited payment options. Employees can choose direct deposit, which is completely free on your payment plan, or paper checks that you must print on site. They do not offer payment cards or check signing/stuffing services.

Fees And Payments:

SurePayroll pricing depends on your frequency of payroll processing and the number of employees or contractors for each pay period. Therefore, the cost will vary greatly from one business to another. Use their instant quote function on their site. We submitted a request for a general business with weekly pay periods for a total of 10 employees. We received a quote with an all-inclusive rate of $69.99 per month plus $2 for each employee.


• There are no setup fees

• You can run payroll on any chosen device

• Have a personalized walk-through and setup

• All deductions are done for you

• Federal, state, and local taxes are automatically paid and filed


• They do not offer a free trial

• Their interface is somewhat crowded and awkward.

SurePayroll Review 2

In Conclusion:

Although their pricing seems a bit high in comparison to other providers, they do not charge for many of their services including direct deposits, that other services pile on as premium fees. It’s an added benefit having all those features making payroll management much easier and you have a lot less to worry about. At first, it might seem a little awkward but when you are entering and processing your payroll, you will discover how really easy it is and most small businesses are using this service for their payroll needs. SurePayroll is owned by PayChex. For 2019, we prefer PayChex or any of the other companies on our top 5 list of best online payroll.

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