Best LLC Services – 2019


Welcome to our 2019 list of the best online LLC formation services. Whether you need to form a LLC, S Corp, Corporation or Non-Profit any of these four respected companies can get the job done and as quick as possible. Need a registered agent in several states? Or every state? No problem, Northwest is a leader in registered agent services.

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Main Business Entities

  • Sole Proprietor  – Simple, one person is responsible for all company’s debts.
  • LLC – A limited liability company is a business entity that is separate from it’s owners and allows the owners, partners or shareholders to limit their personal liabilities while enjoying the tax and flexibility benefits of a partnership.
  • S Corp – An S Corp is not a business entity, it is a tax structure chosen by the business owner that avoids double taxation.  Much like an LLC, an S Corp provides limited liability protection. 
  • C Corp –  Owned by shareholders, are taxed as separate entities. 
  • Non Profit – Charity purposes and get rewarded with tax exemptions.


Top 4 Online LLC Services – 2019

You have probably heard the expression that “you get what you pay for” at some point in your life. This phrase has a specific meaning: pursuing cheap services means that you have a higher risk of experiencing an inferior result.

Thanks to advancements in technology and automation, it is easier now than at any other time in history to form an LLC online. You can pursue other corporate structures too if you wish. The providers below will give you access to the documents you need. Then you can submit the paperwork to your state to incorporate or have the agency do so on your behalf.


Affordable LLC Services You Can Trust


#1 Incfile

Incfile LLC service

$49. + State Fee

If you are ready to start a business, then these are the service providers who are prepared right now to turn your dreams into reality. Incfile gives you the help that you need when your goal is to form an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corp, or any other business structure that may be suitable for your needs. Their team can also help you to create a nonprofit.

One of the headaches that come with the formation of a business is the need to go through a renewal process every 1-2 years in most jurisdictions. You might also need to file statements to stay in regulatory compliance, have multiple federal and state tax filings to juggle, or go through the foreign qualification process. You’ll find help for all of these needs and more when you choose Incfile to help get your business started.

There are several easy-to-follow guides that you’ll find on their website to help you know when to file in each state. You can review the ongoing filing requirements as well, consider the benefits of each business entity to know which type is best for your needs, and even calculate what savings could be available if you opt to become an S-Corporation.

You can even find a state-by-state breakdown of what the standard processing time for a business application is for each business entity. Then you can see if there is an expedited process to follow, and how much that extra service might cost.

Assistance in company formation, legal compliance as well as IRS filing. IncFile assists businesses on how to become a C-corporation, an S-corporation, a nonprofit organization and a limited liability company. Since 2004, Incfile has helped with over 150,000 company formations and continues to assist them with their legal requirements. Given that base, IncFile is a company that is more than capable.

If you are looking for a fast, simple, and affordable way to manage your new company, Incfile has many of the tools and documents that you’ll need to get everything started today.


Beginning with the small price of $49. plus the state fee, IncFile’s core features are impressive with the following list of services.



#2 Northwest Registered Agent

$49. + State Fee
Registered Agent included first year

Northwest Registered Agent offers an assortment of business services that can help your company find the best path forward. You’ll find a variety of how-to guides, free legal forms, and various documents available to help you get your business off of the ground. Then you can begin to develop the operating principles that will drive your new organization forward.

You can obtain a registered agent in any U.S. jurisdiction through Northwest Registered Agent, allowing you to file for a new LLC or corporation in all 50 states. You can find free LLC operating agreement examples, instructions on how to file an annual report, or even tackle uncommon tasks like reinstating a corporation.

Every service comes with an enhanced level of privacy because this provider lists their address on your formation documents. That means your personal details are not broadcast to the public. You won’t get the run-around from them either. When you need help or advice, it is a candid and honest conversation that you receive.

If you are ready to get your business started right now without the worries of data security or an inaccurate file looming overhead, then Northwest Registered Agent can help your company to hit the ground running. You can download many of their templates without even registering for an account.

Northwest puts a lot of emphasis on great customer service. They say “You should always be able to talk to us, on the phone, email, contact forms, etc. We are continually focusing on great customer service.”

Northwest Registered Agent Base Rate

Northwest Registered Agent features prices

Their LLC formation service is just $49. and that includes a registered agent. Northwest then has a different pricing structure compared to the others. They charge for a flat annual rate of $125 per registration. They charge $125 per state for the first three states, $115 for four to nine states and $100 for 10 states or more. Aside from this multi-state discount, they pull all the stops when it comes to recording and scanning and sending all documents. Clients are informed every time in real time when there’s anything new.

The annual $125. subscription gives the client 365 days of premium registered agent service, a secure online portal to help clients manage the documents, access to forms varying from state to state and a lifetime of client support. But instead of $125. annually, compared to other services, clients need only pay $100. annually if they apply for more than nine states.

Northwest Registered Agent

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#3 ZenBusiness

zenbusiness logo

ZenBusiness Employees
Friendly people at ZenBusiness

Basic Rate Starts at Free + State Fees

ZenBusiness prices

ZenBusiness offers 100% free business formation along with discounted services including registered agent, EIN, banking, ongoing compliance and much more! They use technology and transparency to create an experience that is fast, friendly, affordable and hassle-free.

Many of the companies that assist you with the business startup process for LLCs and other structures will charge a convenience fee for their services. If you are ready to create your agency today, then the team at Zen Business may not charge you anything but the state fees to get things going. You’ll receive the expert support required to form, run, and grow your organization through automated processes without sacrificing customization.

You will find substantial discounts available for the priority and rush charges that the competition wants for a similar service. Your formation costs for services in 3-5 days are 67% less than what providers like BizFilings and LegalZoom charge – and that is before the state fees. Even their registered agent service can save you some money without sacrificing the quality of work you receive.

Zen Business will verify that your chosen name is available for use before filing the paperwork. If it is unavailable, then their customer care team contacts you to resolve the issue. Then all you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your company so that the Articles of Incorporation can be appropriately filed – along with any of the other paperwork requirements that your state expects.

ZenBusiness Price Comparisons

How Is ZenBusiness Different?
From their website:

Unlike the competition, we use technology and automated processes to provide a fast and low-cost business formation service that meets your unique business needs.

It’s your participation that truly fuels our service and success! Our technology keeps our costs down and allows for a more customized experience. We’re able to provide free services and discounted prices because many of our customers – small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you – purchase add-on services and monthly package plans that subsidize our remaining costs.

The result is a low-cost, personalized formation with fast and friendly service for everyone!

You can even upgrade to their worry-free guarantee to make sure your filings and tax paperwork are always up-to-date thanks to their reminders. With a team that offers over 75 years of experience helping startups, you will find that the complex administrative world of filing for a new company structure is much easier to navigate.

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#4 Swift Filings

$49. + State Fee

What happens if you already operate a company, but you think it would be better to operate under a different name for a new idea? That’s when a DBA (Doing Business As) can help.

If you operate under an informal structure, then you can only represent your business under your personal name. Swyft Filings can help you to start a DBA as an operating name to give your efforts more legitimacy.

This service can help you to market uniquely different products under two distinct brands if you already have a formal LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corporation structure. You can secure the name immediately, and it will not expire in most jurisdictions.

You can also take care of some of the fundamental basics of forming a company, like filing to obtain your EIN Federal Tax ID. If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, then you can work with this team to form an LLC or a corporation.

Once you have your paperwork in place and a business license issued to you from your state, then you can take advantage of the various business management guides, templates, and ideas that are available through Swyft Filings. There is a helpful FAQ section that covers every formal structure that you can choose as well, along with a comprehensive area to review the pros and cons of becoming a DBA.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level, whether you’re already a corporation, a sole proprietor, or in a partnership, then this service provider can help you to make sure everything is in order.

Runner Up!

$79. + State Fee

CorpNet  – Why is CorpNet a great choice for LLC formation assistance?

  • Corpnet has already helped in the formation of over 100,000 various types of companies. An astounding accomplishment for a husband and wife team who have been in the business for twenty years.

  • This dedication to their work has resulted in an almost unanimous positive feedback from their clients and Corpnet guarantees that unsatisfied customers can get their money back, no questions asked.

  • They offer free registered agent service to clients who take advantage of their top two service packages and 60 days free for their basic service. All three service tiers offer some form of flexibility.

Are You Ready to Form a Business?

Becoming a business owner can be one of the most exciting days of your life. When you enter the marketplace, it is also imperative that you protect your personal assets from potential corporate creditors. When you use one of these services to create an LLC, S-Corporation, or a C-Corp, then you can begin a safer journey toward the success you want to earn.

Each service works with you to file the appropriate documents with your state of choice. Then you have a series of guides that can help you stay organized during your first days of ownership.

Choose the service which makes the most sense for your company today, and then don’t delay. You’ll want to get that paperwork filled out right away.