Best LLC Services – 2019


Welcome to our 2019 list of the best online LLC formation services. Whether you need to form a LLC, S Corp, Corporation or Non-Profit any of these four respected companies can get the job done and as quick as possible. Need a registered agent in several states? Or every state? No problem, Northwest is a leader in registered agent services.

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Main Business Entities

  • Sole Proprietor  – Simple, one person is responsible for all company’s debts.
  • LLC – A limited liability company is a structure that allows owners, partners or shareholders to limit their personal liabilities while enjoying the tax and flexibility benefits of a partnership.
  • S Corp – Avoids double taxation, much like or LLCs, limited liability protection. 
  • C Corp –  Owned by shareholders, are taxed as separate entities. 
  • Non Profit – Charity purposes and get rewarded with tax exemptions.

Top 4 Best Online LLC Formation Services – 2019

Incfile  – Assistance in company formation, legal compliance as well as IRS filing. IncFile assists businesses on how to become a C-corporation, an S-corporation, a nonprofit organization and a limited liability company. Since 2004, Incfile has helped with over 150,000 company formations and continues to assist them with their legal requirements. Given that base, IncFile is a company that is more than capable.

Beginning with the small price of 49 dollars plus, the state fee, IncFile’s core features are impressive with the following list of services.


Every day businesses from all over the nation choose Swyft Filings to form their business.
Here are a just a few of the reasons why so many owners choose us to help start their business.

CorpNet  – Why is CorpNet a great choice for LLC formation assistance?

  • Corpnet has already helped in the formation of over 100,000 various types of companies. An astounding accomplishment for a husband and wife team who have been in the business for twenty years.

  • This dedication to their work has resulted in an almost unanimous positive feedback from their clients and Corpnet guarantees that unsatisfied customers can get their money back, no questions asked.

  • They offer free registered agent service to clients who take advantage of their top two service packages and 60 days free for their basic service. All three service tiers offer some form of flexibility.

Northwest Registered Agent – Northwest puts a lot of emphasis on great customer service. They say “You should always be able to talk to us, on the phone, email, contact forms, etc. We are continually focusing on great customer service.”

Northwest also has a different pricing structure compared to the others. They charge for a flat annual rate of $125 per registration. They charge $125 dollars per state for the first three states, $115 for four to nine states and $100 for 10 states or more. Aside from this multi-state discount, they pull all the stops when it comes to recording and scanning and sending all documents. Clients are informed every time in real time when there’s anything new.

The annual $125-dollar subscription gives the client 365 days of premium registered agent service, a secure online portal to help clients manage the documents, access to forms varying from state to state and a lifetime of client support. But instead of 125 dollars annually, compared to other services, clients need only pay 100 annually if they apply for more than nine states.