Top 10 Best POS Systems

Our Favorite Point of Sale Systems 2021


1. ShopKeep

2. Square

3. TouchBistro

4. LightSpeed

5. Revel

6. Toast

7. Best POS System

8. Upserve

9. Vend

10. Springboard 

Point of Sale Shopping Guide  

Top 10 Best POS Systems 1

Getting The Right POS For Your Business

When going into business, it’s a given to consider how you’ll be accepting payments for your sales and/or services. Depending on your type of business, you’ll be needing either a cash register or a good POS or Point-of-Sale system to keep track of your day-to-day sales.

While some featured cash registers can tell you how your business goes by giving you daily totals and listing down the stuff you sold, a good point-of-sale system can give you more such as inventory management, sales analytics, and being able to accept other modes of payment. Consider having a point-of-sale system instead.

This guide is for those interested in researching the best POS systems available in 2021in order to find one to help you run your business more efficiently whether you’re in the thick of it or just starting out.

ShopKeep POS

Simply put, a POS System is a smarter version of a cash register. It’s composed of several components including the cash register itself, a computer, receipt printer, and card reading devices that can process credit cards, debit cards, membership cards for points or discounts, and NFC cards.

A good POS point of sale system not only tracks your day-to-day sales but can provide you with inventory management functionality, sales analytics and allows you to automatically process various modes of payment. Having a point of sale system not only provides you more convenience but enhances the image of your business. The more modern, the better.

Here are points to consider for buying a good POS System:

Accept Various Payment Options – Nowadays, people hardly carry cash. Probably just enough to get them around town and purchase low-key items. What they have are credit cards, ATM cards, debit cards, mobile payment options, and the occasional coupon.

A good POS system should be able to accept all these payment options through a secure reading device. Retailers need to be prepared to have most if not all these options available as payment security gains more importance.

Top 10 Best POS Systems 2

PCI Compliance – speaking of security, a POS system requires PCI compliance. Meaning that it must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). In other words, sellers must be able to safely and securely accept, store process, and transmit customers’ credit card information.

PCI compliance comes with a fee and a good POS System should have PCI compliance and associated charges well-integrated into the system.

Level of Integration – As mentioned, a POS system is composed of several components such as the cash box, a processing unit, a printer, and reading device/s for cards, phones, and coupons. Many existing POS systems cobble these components from various providers with each having their own rental fees and have to properly integrate these components in order to work properly.

It’s best to purchase a POS system that’s well-integrated, meaning that all components and services come from and are processed by little as two providers. Payment handling needs to be as simple as possible in order for business owners to concentrate on their core business.

Square POS
Square POS

Ease of Use / Scalability – A well-integrated system also means that it will be much easier to use and not having to be concerned with the details of various POS components.

Ease of use means that the processing of long lines can go faster translating into more sales such as those in groceries and fast food. Ease of use means that even the simplest worker can easily accept payments, especially in the food and service industries.

A good POS system should also be easily scalable from having just one terminal for a small boulangerie to several in a fast food restaurant to dozens of terminals for several branches.

Reporting / Analytics – in order to expand your small business or to manage several branches, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not.

What item or service is most often ordered, least often ordered, and what stuff should always be on stock. Many POS systems can keep track of sales trends, which customers often order, and what they order every Tuesday.

This is a great help for businesses to optimize their costs and even their processes and helps them expand faster.

Lightspeed POS
LightSpeed POS

Costing / Monthly Fees – speaking of costing, there are POS systems that have a one-time purchase or setup fee while there are others that offer monthly service fees. One-time fees can be pop-the-cherry painful but fewer worries monthly about hardware for the foreseeable future.

It can be a hassle for things like credit card processing and PCI compliance fees.

On the other hand, POS systems with a monthly subscription or rental fees with integrated services can save you from all the hassles of payment processing as well as hardware maintenance and support. There’s also the option for system and service upgrades. In the long run, beyond the foreseeable future, monthly fees from a good POS provider is a good idea.

That’s our guide on finding the best POS point of sale system for your business. We hope this has provided you with ideas and insights into investing in a POS system that’s right for your business.

#1 ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS review

Top 10 Best POS Systems 3
ShopKeep POS System – Review

Starting and running a new business has become much easier these days with online services that offer LLC formation, DIY website builders, and payroll outsourcing such as Deluxe, online stores like Etsy, and easy-to-use point-of-sale software like ShopKeep.

These systems are so easy to use and manage that it becomes easier to focus on the core business rather than the business’ menial tasks like manning the register or keeping track of employees.

With ShopKeep, you or your staff will still be manning the register/s but most if not all of the hassles associated with keeping track of sales are gone.

Top 10 Best POS Systems 4

ShopKeep is a powerful Point-of-Sales system for small businesses. Thanks to its ease of use, it’s trusted by over 25,000 businesses. Using Shopkeep is literally as simple as using a tablet.

Shopkeep makes use of the now-ubiquitous gadget to ring up sales, track inventory, and manage employees along with mobile phones for notifications, alerts, and reporting.


  • Intuitive Interface – Shopkeep’s intuitive interface allows for quick and easy transactions and management. This allows for shorter lines and a faster flow of income.

  • Split Payments – Receive a mixture of payment options whether it’s cash, credit card, debit cards, cash cards, or a mixture of these options as there are customers inclined to split payments.

  • Discounts, Deposits, and Down Payments – Shopkeep even accepts partial payments as well as security deposits. It also allows for the support and creation of customized discount rates.

  • Open Checks – Shopkeep supports open customer orders in case they need things that they can update or change until it’s time to pick up the order.

  • Refunds and Returns – is also easily supported.

  • Tips and Gratuity – for bars, hotels, and restaurant businesses, the system can accept tips right at the register.

  • Administrative Side – On the administrative side, the system allows staff to clock in and out directly on the register or dedicated device and track their attendance. Keep customers coming back through the system’s marketing tools and even create customized receipts.
  • The system has plenty of reports to keep you well-informed about your business such as the day’s sales, cash flow, and inventory levels. ShopKeep can also integrate with Quickbooks for easy accounting… Read More

#2 Square POS System
Square POS


Square Point of Sale System For Retail & Restaurants

It’s always a pain seeing long lines at the counters thinking there are more sales to be had if the line went faster. When accepting payments whether it’s for services or retail, it should be fast, clean, and secure.

To be fast, it should be easy and to be easy, it should be simple and simplicity (not to mention elegance) is the hallmark of the Square Point-of-Sale systems.

Square POS Prices
Square POS Pricing Options

Many entrepreneurs planning to set up shop can’t help but get intimidated by the technical aspects of using and maintaining a point-of-sale system, especially upon seeing those used in convenience stores and groceries.

That and having to be able to accept and process credit and debit card payments, coupons, gift checks, and others that aren’t cold hard cash.

Thanks to the innovative Square Reader, accepting credit card payments from customers has become a breeze for those in the services and retail industry.

Square POS For Any Business
Square Free POS For Any Type Of Business

Fall In Love With A Free POS

Square POS

Square Point-of-Sale now has several systems available to make point-of-sale easy for small to medium businesses.

  • Square Reader – can easily turn your iPhone or iPad into a point-of-sale system. There are several variants but the best is the Square Reader for contactless and chip which accepts modern EMV chip cards and NFC payments such as Apple Pay.

  • Square Stand – transforms your iPad into a true easy-to-use point-of-sale system. It includes the Stand which makes your iPad look like a POS terminal plus the Square Reader for Contactless and Chip.

  • Square Register – if you don’t have an iPad and want a straightforward point-of-sale system, then Square Register is for you. It’s a true POS terminal complete with a customer display that also works like a credit card machine with less of the hassles.

  • Square Terminal – The square terminal is a modern take on the credit card machine connected to cash registers. It’s just like the Square Reader but with a touch-screen interface and it can print physical receipts plus it’s wireless...Read More


#3 TouchBistro Point of Sale

TouchBistro logo

TouchBistro app screen on Apple iPad
Top 10 Best POS Systems 5
Top 10 Best POS Systems 6
TouchBistro iPad-Based Point Of Sale – Review

Top 10 Best POS Systems 7

TouchBistro is a specialized iPad-based point-of-sale system dedicated to the foodservice industry such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. The success of the Square point-of-sale system has spawned a number of other point-of-sale systems, but what better choice is there than something truly dedicated and focused on the nature of your business like TouchBistro. TouchBistro is a tool for and run by people in the restaurant industry.

Touch Bistro is a dedicated point-of-sale system built for restaurants, bars, clubs, and even food trucks. If you’re in the business of serving food, TouchBistro is worth checking out. It’s a popular point-of-sale app among restaurants in the US thanks to the following features:

Tableside Ordering – The time of paper-based order-taking and missed orders is over. TouchBistro enables restaurateurs’ waiters and waitresses to accept orders from the table straight to the kitchen order queue. This allows for greater speed and accuracy in taking orders. Thus, tables can move a bit faster. Combined with a bit of marketing from the owner and staff, this system enables the upselling of higher value menu items through suggestive selling. Tableside ordering also allows seat joining and bill splitting in a few taps…Read More